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I can help you gain clarity, let go of limiting beliefs, and move forward in life empowered in your choices.

Using kinesiology and energy balancing techniques, you will let go of negativity and fear, release both physical and emotional pain, and be able to identify what is holding you back from living the life you want to live.

kinesiology IN A NUTSHELL...

It’s physiology, and neurology meets energy healing, so think chakra balancing and Chinese meridian theory combined with hormone function and the balancing of neuro-emotional pathways.

To me, kinesiology is essentially “smart” energy healing as it’s on the issue at hand and your body’s muscle response. Our muscles are connected to our brain and nervous system, this biofeedback (a subconscious response) tells us about blocks and imbalances in the mind and body that are often beyond our awareness. This is what makes kinesiology so effective, because

Health and wellbeing are not one size fits all. Neither is the healing process.⁣

This direct line of communication tell us what your body needs heal on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Kinesiology helps you listen to your body…the answers are always within.

What You may experience during a kinesiology session with me

using gentle acupressure, tei-shin or Reiki ⁣

Chakra balancing
of all major, minor and celestial chakras

Coaching & talk therapy
to help bring unconscious emotions, past conditioning, thoughts or beliefs to the conscious mind so that this awareness can support us in healing and moving forward

Sound therapy
in the form of meridian tuning forks⁣

to replace disempowering beliefs and thought patterns with empowering ones ⁣

Essential oils
plant based oils either inhaled or applied topically ⁣

Talk therapy
to help bring unconscious emotions, past conditioning, thoughts or beliefs to the conscious mind so that this awareness can support our healing and moving forward

Negative energy cleansing
removal of negative energy frequencies and energetic attachments to raise your vibration

Light therapy
in the form of white or colored light

Aura alignment
making sure you are energetically aligned and present

Extreme relaxation :)

what is kinesiology good for?

To be honest, a whole lot of things! But here’s a a list to give you an idea: Overcoming heartbreak, goal attainment, life transitions, sleep, digestive issues, fertility, performance enhancement, anxiety, stress management, pain, chronic health issues...and so much more.

Ready to get started?

There are three options to work with me:

I offer kinesiology sessions wherever I am in the world.
Reach out to see if we’re geographically in sync to set up an appointment.

I offer kinesiology-based coaching sessions and customized programs via Zoom that will help clear and balance your energy no matter where you are in the world. Book an appointment here.

This is a 12 session kinesiology-based coaching program, which will support you in overcoming heartbreak, help you to re-gain confidence and teach you to improve your relationship with yourself and others.

Email me to set up a free 15 min. consultation to see which program will best suit you.

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